Vale?… Vale!

Vale?… Vale!

Hace un tiempo os hablábamos de una novela que contaba la historia de Hazel Grace y su lucha contra el cáncer, pues después de un año y un poquito más, ¡AQUI ESTÁ LA PELÍCULA!
Con un cargamento de pañuelos, y una bolsa de golosinas (gracias, Flor) nos dirigimos a los cines para deleitarnos y sufrir a partes iguales.
¿Qué nos ha parecido la película? Pues podríamos decir que es una muy buena…

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Comic-Con Trailer | Vikings Season 3 

The Vikings always deliver in big moments. Check out an exclusive look at Season 3, and prepare for all new adventures in the North.


I can’t believe how Merida just continued waving xD

there’s not even a hint of concern haha!



George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

WTF they’re gonna eliminate arianne martell from got?????? what the actual fuck????!!!

The Reason why Neither Fred and George nor Harry ever Saw Peter Pettigrew's Name on the Marauder's Map


Ever since someone on tumblr pointed out that it doesn’t make any sense that Peter lives with Ron for three years, yet Fred and George fail to notice this on the Marauder’s Map, I’ve been wondering how this can be explained. I finally figured it out!

It’s because the Map shows…


The Full concept poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron